CAS # 106-44-5

Compound Structure and Properties

Molecular Weight108.1378
Melting Point35.5 °C, 309 °K, 96 °F
Boiling Point201.8 °C, 475 °K, 395 °F
Density1.0347 g/ml
Solubility in Water2.4 g/100 ml at 40 °C
5.3 g/100 ml at 100 °C
Data above sourced from: ChemSpider and Wikipedia

GC Mass Spectrum

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Phenol, 4-methyl-; p-Cresol; p-Hydroxytoluene; p-Kresol; p-Methylhydroxybenzene; p-Methylphenol; p-Oxytoluene; p-Toluol; p-Tolyl alcohol; 1-Hydroxy-4-methylbenzene; 4-Cresol; 4-Hydroxytoluene; 4-Methylphenol; 1-Methyl-4-hydroxybenzene; Paracresol; Cresol, para; Paramethyl phenol; Rcra waste number U052; p-Cresylic acid; Cresol,p-; Phenol, 4-methyI; NSC 3696; 4-methylphenol ( p-cresol); p-Cresol (4-methylphenol)

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