CAS # 107-07-3

Compound Structure and Properties

Molecular Weight80.5135
Melting Point-63 °C, 210.55 °K, -81 °F
Boiling Point127-131 °C, 400-404 °K, 260-268 °F
Density1.201 g mL−1
log P−0.107
Data above sourced from: ChemSpider and Wikipedia

GC Mass Spectrum

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2-Chloroethanol; Ethanol, 2-chloro-; β-Chloroethanol; β-Chloroethyl alcohol; β-Hydroxyethyl chloride; Chloroethanol; Ethene, chlorohydrin; Ethylchlorohydrin; Ethylene chlorhydrin; Ethylene chlorohydrin; Glycol monochlorohydrin; 2-Chloro-1-ethanol; 2-Chloroethyl alcohol; 2-Hydroxyethyl chloride; CH2ClCH2OH; 2-Chlorethanol; Aethylenechlorhydrin; Ethyleen-chloorhydrine; Ethylene glycol, chlorohydrin; Glicol monocloridrina; Glycol chlorohydrin; Glycolmonochloorhydrine; Glycomonochlorhydrin; NCI-C50135; Z-Chloroethanol; 2-Chloorethanol; 2-Chloraethanol; 2-Chloro-1-hydroxyethane; 2-Cloroetanolo; 2-Monochloroethanol; 2-Chloroéthanol

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