Propargyl alcohol

CAS # 107-19-7

Compound Structure and Properties

Molecular Weight56.0633
Melting Point-51 °C, 222 °K, -60 °F
Boiling Point114-115 °C, 387-388 °K, 237-239 °F
Density0.9715 g/cm³
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GC Mass Spectrum

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2-Propyn-1-ol; Ethynyl carbinol; Propargyl alcohol; Propynyl alcohol; 1-Hydroxy-2-propyne; 1-Propyn-3-ol; 2-Propynol; 2-Propynyl alcohol; 3-Hydroxy-1-propyne; HC.$.CCH2OH; 1-Propyne-3-ol; 3-Propynol; prop-2-yn-1-ol; Methanol, ethynyl-; NA 1986; Rcra waste number P102; 1-Propyn-3-yl alcohol

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