CAS # 109-87-5

Compound Structure and Properties

Molecular Weight76.0944
Melting Point-104.8 °C, 168 °K, -157 °F
Boiling Point42 °C, 315 °K, 108 °F
Density0.860 g cm-3 (at 20 °C)
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GC Mass Spectrum

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Methane, dimethoxy-; Dimethyl formal; Anesthenyl; Dimethoxymethane; Formal; Formaldehyde dimethyl acetal; Methoxymethyl methyl ether; Methylal; Methylene dimethyl ether; Methylene glycol dimethylether; Formaldehyde dimethyl; (CH3O)2CH2; Methylenedioxydimethane; Metylal; Formaldehyde methyl ketal; 2,4-Dioxapentane; Methyl formal; Dimethylacetal formaldehyde

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