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CAS # 112-53-8

Compound Structure and Properties

Molecular Weight186.3342
Melting Point24 °C, 297 °K, 75 °F
Boiling Point259 °C, 532 °K, 498 °F
Solubility in WaterInsol
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GC Mass Spectrum

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1-Dodecanol; Dodecyl alcohol; n-Dodecan-1-ol; n-Dodecanol; n-Dodecyl alcohol; Alcohol C-12; Alfol 12; CO 12; Dodecanol-1; Dytol J-68; Karukoru 20; Lauric Alcohol; Laurinic alcohol; Lauryl alcohol; Lauryl 24; Pisol; S 1298; Sipol L12; Siponol L2; Siponol L5; Siponol 25; 1-Dodecyl Alcohol; Duodecyl alcohol; n-Lauryl alcohol; Dodecan-1-ol; Cachalot l-50; Cachalot l-90; Co-1214S1-dodecanol; Lorol; Lorol 11; Lorol 5; Lorol 7; CO-1214; CO-1214N; CO-1214S; Epal 12; n-Lauryl alcohol, primary; MA-1214; Dodecanol; 1-Hydroxydodecane; Emery 3326; Emery 3332; Emery 3357; Exxal 12; Fatty alcohol; Hydroxydodecane; Lipocol L; Lorol C12; Lorol C12-C14; Lorol C8-C10 special