CAS # 114-07-8

Compound Structure and Properties

Molecular Weight733.9268
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GC Mass Spectrum

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Erythromycin; Abboticin; Dotycin; Erycin; Erycinum; Erythrocin; Erythrogran; Erythromycin A; Ilotycin; Pantomicina; Propiocine; Eryc; Eryderm; Erythromid; Erythromycin B; EM; Ilocaps; Kesso-Mycin; Pediamycin; Taimoxin-F; E-Mycin; Erythroguent; Robimycin; A/T/S; Erycette; Erygel; Erymax; Ery-Tab; Erythro; PCE; Serp-AFD; Abomacetin; Ak-mycin; Aknin; E-Base; EMU; Eritrocina; Ermycin; Erycen; Erythromast 36; IndermRetcin; Staticin; Stiemycin; Torlamicina

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