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CAS # 119-90-4

Compound Structure and Properties

Molecular Weight244.2890
Data above sourced from: ChemSpider

GC Mass Spectrum

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Benzidine, 3,3'-dimethoxy-; o-Dianisidine; Amacel Developed Navy SD; Azogene Fast Blue B; Blue Base Irga B; Blue Base NB; Blue BN Base; C.I. Disperse Black 6; Cellitazol B; Cibacete Diazo Navy Blue 2B; Diacel Navy DC; Dianisidine; Fast Blue B; Fast Blue B Base; Fast Blue Base B; Fast Blue DSC Base; Hiltonil Fast Blue B Base; Kayaku Blue B Base; Lake Blue B Base; Mitsui Blue B Base; Naphthanil Blue B Base; Setacyl Diazo Navy R; 3,3'-Dimethoxybenzidine; 4,4'-Bi-o-anisidine; o-Dianisidina; o-Dimethoxybenzidine; o,o'-Dianisidine; Acetamine diazo navy rd; Acetamine Diazo Black RD; Azoene Fast Blue Base; Azoene Fast Blue Salt; Azofix Blue B Salt; Azogene Fast Blue B Salt; Blue BN Salt; Blue Salt NB; Brentamine Fast Blue B Base; Brentamine Fast Blue B Salt; C.I. Azoic Diazo Component 48; C.I. 24110; Cellitazol bn; Diacel navy dco-dianisidin; Diacelliton fast grey G; Diato Blue Base B; Diato Blue Salt B; Diazo Fast Blue B; Disperse Black 6; Fast Blue BN Salt; Fast Blue DS Salt; Fast Blue Salt B; Fast Blue Salt BN

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