CAS # 120-36-5

Compound Structure and Properties

Molecular Weight235.0640
Melting Point116-120°C
Solubility in Water720 mg/L at 20°C (''R''-isomer)
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GC Mass Spectrum

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Dichlorprop; Celatox-DP; Cornox RK; Dichloroprop; Hedonal DP; Herbizid DP; 2-(2,4-DP); 2,4-DP; Cornox rd; Hormatox; Kildip; Polymone; Polytox; RD 406; Seritox 50; U46; BH 2,4-DP; Desormone; Graminon-plus; Hedonal; Herbatox; Polyclene; u46 dp-fluid; Visko-rhap; Weedone dp; Weedone 170; Campbell's redipon; MSS 2,4-DP; Diclorprop

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