CAS # 137-58-6

Compound Structure and Properties

Molecular Weight234.3373
Melting Point68
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GC Mass Spectrum

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Lidocaine; Anestacon; Duncaine; Gravocain; Isicaina; Isicaine; Leostesin; Lignocaine; Maricaine; Rucaina; Solcain; Xycaine; Xylestesin; Xylocain; Xylocaine; Xylocitin; Xylotox; Cappicaine; Cito optadren; Diethylaminoaceto-2,6-xylidide; Esracaine; L-Caine; Lida-Mantle; Xilina; Xllina; Xyloneural (free base); Diethylaminoacet-2,6-xylidide; Mesocain; Xilocaina; Xyline; Remicaine; Medicaine; a-Diethylamino-2,6-acetoxylidide; Anbesol; Cuivasil; Dalcaine; Lidothesin; Solarcaine

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