CAS # 15687-27-1

Compound Structure and Properties

Molecular Weight206.2808
Melting Point76
Density1,03 gr/ml
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GC Mass Spectrum

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Ibuprofen; p-Isobutylhydratropic acid; Andran; Brufen; Buburone; Dolgit; Ebufac; Hydratropic acid, p-isobutyl-; Ibu-slo; Ibuprocin; IP-82; Liptan; Motrin; Nobfelon; Pantrop; R.D. 13621; Rebugen; U-18,573; 4-Isobutylhydratropic acid; Adran; Anflagen; Artril 300; Bluton; Brufanic; Butylenin; Dolgin; Emodin; Epobron; Ibufen; Lamidon; Mynosedin; Napacetin; Nobfen; Nobgen; Nurofen; Roidenin; Advil; Haltran; Medipren; Midol 200; Nuprin; PediaProfen; Trendar

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