Thiophanate methyl

CAS # 23564-05-8

Compound Structure and Properties

Molecular Weight342.3940
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GC Mass Spectrum

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Thiophanate methyl; BAS 32500F; Cercobin Methyl; Cercobin M; Enovit methyl; Enovit M; Fungo; Methyl thiophamate; Methyl topsin; Methylthiofanate; Methylthiophanate; Neotopsin; NF 44; Pelt 14; Pelt 44; Thiophanate M; Topsin M; Topsin Methyl; Topsin NF-44; TD 1771; Zyban; Cycosin; Ditek; Enovit-supper; Frumidor; Fungitox; Fungo 50; Labilite; Mildothane; Sigma; Sipcaplant; Sipcasan; Sipcavit; Tiofanate metile; Topsin turf and ornamentals; Topsin wp methyl; Trevin; CDA mildothane; Cercobin; Mildothane turf liquid; Sys tec 1998; Thiophanate-methyl dimethyl; Thiophanate-methyl

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