CAS # 299-84-3

Compound Structure and Properties

Molecular Weight321.5451
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GC Mass Spectrum

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Ronnel; Blitex; Dermafos; Dow ET 14; Dow ET 57; Ectoral; Etrolene; ENT 23,284; ET 14; ET 57; Fenchlorfos; Fenchlorphos; Fenclofos; Gesektin K; Korlan; Korlane; Moor Man's Medicated Rid-Ezy; Nanchor; Nanker; Nankor; OMS 123; Phenchlorfos; Remelt; Rovan; Trolen; Trolene; Troline; Viozene; Fenchloorfos; Trichlorometafos; Trolene 20L; Dermafosu; Dermaphos; Fenchlorfosu; Karlan; Ronne; Ectorl; Etrolenefenchlorfos; Phosphorthioic acid; Trichlormetaphos; Fenchlorophos

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