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CAS # 3383-96-8

Compound Structure and Properties

Molecular Weight466.4689
Melting Point30 °C, 303 °K, 86 °F
Density1.32 g cm-3
Data above sourced from: ChemSpider and Wikipedia


Temefos; Temephos; Abate; AC 52160; Biothion; Difenphos; Difos; Diphos; Diphos (Pesticide); Experimental Insecticide 52160; EI 52160; Nephis; Nephis 1G; Abat; Abathion; American cyanamid ac 52,160; American cyanamid cl-52160; American cyanamid E.I. 52,160; Bithion; CL 52160; Difenthos; Ecopro; ENT 27,165; Nimitex; Nimitox; Swebate; Temophos; Abate 1-sg, 2-cg, 4-E, 5cg; Biothon