Chenodeoxycholic acid

CAS # 474-25-9

Compound Structure and Properties

Molecular Weight392.5720
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GC Mass Spectrum

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Chenodiol; Chenodeoxycholic acid; Anthropodeoxycholic acid; Anthropodesoxycholic acid; Anthropododesoxycholic acid; Chendal; Chendol; Chenic acid; Chenodesoxycholic acid; CDC; Gallodesoxycholic acid; 3α,7α-Dihydroxycholanic acid; Cdca; Chenodesoxycholsaeure; 3-α,7-α-Dihydroxycholansaeure; Chenix; Chenocedon; Chenocol; Chenodex; Chenofalk; Chenossil; Cholanorm; Fluibil; Hekbilin; Kebilis; 3,7-Dihydroxycholan-24-oic acid

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