CAS # 50-14-6

Compound Structure and Properties

Molecular Weight396.6484
Melting Point114–118 °C
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GC Mass Spectrum

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Ergocalciferol; Vitamin D2; Buco-D; Calciferol; Condocaps; Condol; Crystallina; D-Arthin; Davitamon D; Davitin; Decaps; Dee-Osterol; Dee-Ron; Dee-Ronal; Deltalin; Deratol; Detalup; Diactol; Divit urto; Doral; Drisdol; Ergorone; Ertron; Fortodyl; Geltabs; Hi-Deratol; Infron; Metadee; Mulsiferol; Mykostin; Oleovitamin D2; Ostelin; Radiostol; Radsterin; Shock-ferol; Synthetic Vitamin D; Viosterol; Vitavel-D; Calciferol (vitamin D2); Calciferon 2; Condacaps; Crtron; Daral; Dee-Roual; Ergosterol activated; Ergosterol, irradiated; Novovitamin-D; Oleovitamin D; Vigantol; Viostdrol

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