CAS # 50-27-1

Compound Structure and Properties

Molecular Weight288.3814
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GC Mass Spectrum

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Estriol; Destriol; Estratriol; Follicular hormone hydrate; NSC-12169; Orestin; Ovestin; OE3; Theelol; Tridestrin; Trihydroxyestrin; 16α-Estriol; 16α-Hydroxy-17β-estradiol; 16α,17β-Estriol; 3,16α,17β-Estriol; Oestriol; A 13610; Aacifemine; Deuslon A; Folicular hormone; Oestratriol; Ortho-Gynest; Overstin; Ovestrion; Thulol; 16α-Hydroxyestradiol; 16α-Hydroxyoestradiol; 16α,17β-Oestriol; Colpovister; Estriolo; Gynaesan; Hemostyptanon; Holin; Hormomed; Hormonin; Klimoral; 3,16-α,17-β-Oestriol; Orgastyptin; Ovesterin; Ovestinon; Stiptanon; Synapause; Trihydroxyoestrin; Triodurin; Triovex; Colpogyn; Gynasan; Klimax E; Oekolp; Ovo-vinces

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