CAS # 51-43-4

Compound Structure and Properties

Molecular Weight183.2044
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GC Mass Spectrum

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Epinephrine; (-)-Adrenaline; d-Adrenaline; d-Epinephrine; l-Adrenaline; l-Epinephrine; l-Epirenamine; Adnephrine; Adrenal; Adrenalin; Adrenine; Adrin; Chelafrin; Epinefrina; Epinephran; Epirenan; Exadrin; Hemisine; Hemostasin; Hemostatin; Hypernephrin; Levorenin; Levorenine; Methylarterenol; Mucidrina; Nephridine; Nieraline; Paranephrin; Renaglandin; Renaleptine; Renalina; Renoform; Renostypticin; Renostyptin; Scurenaline; Styptirenal; Supracapsulin; Supranephrane; Suprarenaline; Suprarenin; Surrenine; Sus-phrine; Takamina; Vasoconstrictine; Vasoconstrictor; Vasotonin; (R)-Epinephrine; l-Epinephrine (synthetic); Adrenalin in Oil; Adrenalin-Medihaler

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