CAS # 52-86-8

Compound Structure and Properties

Molecular Weight375.8642
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GC Mass Spectrum

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Haloperidol; Aloperidin; Haldol; R 1625; Serenace; Serenase; Serenelfi; Aloperidol; Aloperidolo; Aloperidon; ALDO; Brotopon; Einalon S; Eukystol; Galoperidol; Halojust; Halol; Halopal; Halopoidol; Lealgin compositum; Linton; mcn-jr-1625; Mixidol; Pernox; Sernas; Sernel; Ulcolind; Uliolind; Vesalium; Halidol; Halopidol; Halosten; Keselan; Peluces; Bioperidolo; Dozic; mcm-jr-1625; Pekuces; Sigaperidol

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