CAS # 52645-53-1

Compound Structure and Properties

Molecular Weight391.2877
Melting Point34 °C, 307 °K, 93 °F
Boiling Point200 °C, 473 °K, 392 °F
Density1.19 g/cm³, solid
Solubility in WaterInsoluble (5.5 x 10-3 ppm)
Data above sourced from: ChemSpider and Wikipedia

GC Mass Spectrum

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Permethrin; Permethrine,c&t; Elimite; Nix; 3-(Phenoxyphenyl)methyl; Adion; Ambush; Ambushfog; Atroban; Bio flydown; Cooper coopex; Coopex; Corsair; Darmycel agarifume smoke; Dragnet; Dragon; Ectiban; Eksmin; Epigon; Expar; Flee; FMC-33297; Fumite permethrin; Imperator; Jureong; Kafil; Kestrel; LE 79-519; NIA-33297; Nippon ant killer powder; Nix creme rinse; Nix delmal cream; Nix dermal cream; NRDC-143; Nyppon fly killer spray; Outflank; Perigen; Permanone; Permasect; Permetrina; Permit; Perthrine; Picket; Pounce; PP-557; Pramex; Pulvex; Pynosect; Qamlin; Quamilin

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