CAS # 56-38-2

Compound Structure and Properties

Molecular Weight291.2606
Melting Point6 °C, 279 °K, 43 °F
Solubility in Water24 mg/L
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GC Mass Spectrum

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Parathion; Alkron; Alleron; American Cyanamid 3422; Aphamite; Aralo; AAT; AATP; Bayer E-605; Bladan F; Diethyl parathion; DNTP; E 605; E 605 f; Ekatox; Ethyl Parathion; Etilon; ENT 15,108; Folidol; Folidol Oil; Folidol E; Folidol E-605; Fosferno; Fostox; Gearphos; Lirothion; Niran; Nitrostigmine; Nourithion; NIUIF 100; Oleofos 20; Oleoparaphene; Oleoparathion; Pacol; Paramar 50; Paraphos; Parathion-ethyl; Penncap E; Rhodiasol; Rhodiatox; RB; Super Rodiatox; SNP; Thiophos; Thiophos Parathion 4 E.C.; Thiophos 3422; Vitrex; AC 3422; B 404; Bladan

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