CAS # 60-87-7

Compound Structure and Properties

Molecular Weight284.4191
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GC Mass Spectrum

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Promethazine; Dimapp; Diphergan; Hiberna; Phenargan; Pipolphen; Proazamine; Procit; Prothazin; Pyrethia; RP 3277; Vallergine; A-91033; Allergan; Aprobit; Atosil; Avomine; Diprazine; Diprozin; Fargan; Fenazil; Fenergan; Fenetazina; Histargan; Iergigan; Isophenergan; Isopromethazine; Lercigan; Lergigan; Lilly 01516; Lilly 1516; Phargan; Phenergan; Phensedyl; Pilpophen; Proazaimine; Promazinamide; Prometasin; Prometazin; Promethazin; Promethiazine; Promezathine; Prorex; Protazine; Provigan; Romergan; Synalgos; SKF 1498; Tanidil; Thiergan

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