CAS # 61-00-7

Compound Structure and Properties

Molecular Weight326.4558
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GC Mass Spectrum

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Acepromazine; Acepromazin; Acetacin; Acetazin; Acetazine; Acetopromazine; Acetylpromazine; Azapromazine; Azepromazine; Notensil; Plegicil; Plivafen; Vetranquil; 1522 C. B.; 2-Acetylpromazine; Acepromazina; Acepromizina; Acethylpromazin; Acetilpromazina; Acetylpromazin; 3-Acetyl-promazin; Anatran; Anergan; Atravet; Atsetozin; AY-57,062; Lisergan; Notenquil; Notesil; Plegecyl; Plegicin; Plegicyl; Plivaphen; Promazine, acetyl-; Soprintin; Soprontin; Soprotin; SV-1522; Vetranquill; WY-1172

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