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Amyl acetate

CAS # 628-63-7

Compound Structure and Properties

Molecular Weight130.1849
Melting Point-71 °C
Boiling Point149 °C
Density0.876 g/cm³
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GC Mass Spectrum

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Acetic acid, pentyl ester; n-Amyl acetate; n-Pentyl acetate; Amyl acetate; Birnenoel; Pentyl acetate; Acetic acid, amyl ester; Amyl acetic ester; Amyl acetic ether; Banana oil; Pear oil; Pent-acetate; 1-Pentanol acetate; 1-Pentyl acetate; Acetic acid n-amyl ester; n-Pentyl ethanoate; Acetate d'amyle; Amylazetat; Octan amylu; Pent-acetate 28; Amylester kyseliny octove; Primary amyl acetate; Pentyl ester of acetic acid; Acetic acid, n-pentyl ester