CAS # 72-14-0

Compound Structure and Properties

Molecular Weight255.3167
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GC Mass Spectrum

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Sulfathiazole; Sulfanilamide, N1-2-thiazolyl-; Azoquimiol; Azoseptale; Chemosept; Ciba 3714; Cibazol; Duatok; Dulana; Eleudron; Estafilol; M&B 760; Neostrepsan; Norsulfasol; Norsulfazol; Norsulfazole; Planomide; Poliseptil; Sanotiazol; Streptosilthiazole; Sulfanilamidothiazole; Sulfathiazol; Sulfocerol; Sulzol; Thiacoccine; Thiasulfol; Thiazamide; Thiozamide; Wintrazole; 2-(Sulfanilylamino)thiazole; 2-Sulfanilamidothiazole; 2090 R.P.; N'-(2-Thiazolyl)sulfanilamide; N-1-2-Thiazolylsulfanilamide; Cerazol (suspension); Cerazole; Coco-Thiazole; Formosulfathiazole; RP 2090; Septozol; USAF sn-9; Cerazol; Sulfamul; 2-Sulfanilamidothiazol; Sulphathiazole; 2-Sulfathiazole; Enterobiocine; Sulfavitina

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