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CAS # 75-05-8

Compound Structure and Properties

Molecular Weight41.0519
Melting Point-46 °C, 227 °K, -51 °F
Boiling Point81-82 °C, 354.4-355.2 °K, 178-180 °F
Density786 mg mL−1
Solubility in WaterMiscible
log P−0.334
Data above sourced from: ChemSpider and Wikipedia

GC Mass Spectrum

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Acetonitrile; Cyanomethane; Ethanenitrile; Ethyl nitrile; Methane, cyano-; Methanecarbonitrile; Methyl cyanide; CH3CN; Acetonitril; Cyanure de methyl; usaf ek-488; Methylkyanid; NA 1648; NCI-C60822; Rcra waste number U003; AN; Ethanonitrile; Acétonitrile; Acetonitryl; Acetonitryle; Acetonitrilo

Application Chromatograms

Expanded List of Volatile Organics by Purge & Trap on Rtx-VMS
Triple-Phase SPME Arrow vs. Triple-Phase SPME Fiber
Residual Solvents #1 on Rxi-624Sil MS
Residual Solvents and Gases on Rxi-624Sil MS via HS-Syringe-GC-FID
4-Hr Shipping Facility Air Sample with radiello 145
Residual Solvents Class 2 - Mix A (2013 Rev) on Stabilwax (G16)
40 mL of Electronic Cigarette Vapor Collected on a Thermal Desorption Tube and Analyzed on Rtx-VMS
Residual Solvents Class 2 — Mix A on Rxi-624Sil MS (G43) by USP <467>
25 µg/L 8260 MegaMix Revised on Rtx-VMS
TO-15 65 Component Mix on Rxi-1ms (60 m)