Dimethyl sulfide

CAS # 75-18-3

Compound Structure and Properties

Molecular Weight62.1340
Melting Point-98 °C, 175 °K, -145 °F
Boiling Point35-41 °C, 308-314 °K, 95-106 °F
Density0.846 g cm-3
log P0.977
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GC Mass Spectrum

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Dimethyl sulfide; Methane, thiobis-; Methyl sulfide; Dimethyl monosulfide; Dimethyl thioether; DMS; Methyl Monosulfide; 2-Thiapropane; Dimethyl sulphide; Thiobismethane; (CH3)2S; Dimethylsulfid; Exact-S; Methyl sulphide; Methylthiomethane; Sulfure de methyle; 2-Thiopropane; Methyl thioether; Thiopropane; Sulfide, methyl-; (Methylsulfanyl)methane

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