Ethylene oxide

CAS # 75-21-8

Compound Structure and Properties

Molecular Weight44.0526
Melting Point−111.3 °C
Boiling Point10.7 °C
Density0.882 g/mL, 7.360 lbs/gallon
Solubility in Watermiscible
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GC Mass Spectrum

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Ethylene oxide; Oxirane; Dihydrooxirene; Dimethylene oxide; Epoxyethane; Ethene oxide; ETO; Oxacyclopropane; Oxane; Oxidoethane; Oxirene, Dihydro-; Oxyfume; Oxyfume 12; T-Gas; 1,2-Epoxyethane; Aethylenoxid; Amprolene; Anprolene; Anproline; ENT-26263; E.O.; 1,2-Epoxyaethan; Ethox; Ethyleenoxide; Etylenu tlenek; fema no. 2433; Merpol; NCI-C50088; α,β-Oxidoethane; Oxiraan; Oxiran; Rcra waste number U115; C2H4O; Qazi-ketcham; Oxyde d'éthylène; Ossido di etilene

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