Cumene hydroperoxide

CAS # 80-15-9

Compound Structure and Properties

Molecular Weight152.1904
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GC Mass Spectrum

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α-Cumene hydroperoxide; α-Cumyl hydroperoxide; Cumene hydroperoxide; Cumenyl hydroperoxide; Cumyl hydroperoxide; Isopropylbenzene hydroperoxide; Percumyl H; Trigonox K 80; 7-Cumyl hydroperoxide; Cumeenhydroperoxyde; Cument hydroperoxide; Cumolhydroperoxid; Hydroperoxyde de cumene; Hydroperoxyde de cumyle; 7-Hydroperoxykumen; Idroperossido di cumene; Idroperossido di cumolo; Kumenylhydroperoxid; Rcra waste number U096; Aztec CHP-80; CHP-158; CHP-5; HPC-9; Hyperiz; Trigonox 239A; Trigonox K-95; Trigorox K 80

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