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CAS # 83-79-4

Compound Structure and Properties

Molecular Weight394.4172
Melting Point165−166 °C
Boiling Point210−220 °C at 0.5 mmHg
Density1.27 g/cm3 @ 20 °C
Data above sourced from: ChemSpider and Wikipedia

GC Mass Spectrum

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Rotenone; Cube-Pulver; Dactinol; Deril; Derrin; Derris; Derris (insecticide); Dri-kil; Liquid Derris; Nicouline; Noxfish; Paraderil; Ronone; Rotenon; (-)-Rotenone; 5'β-Rotenone; Rotocide; Tubatoxin; Barbasco; Cenol garden dust; Chem-Mite; Cube extract; Cube root; Cubor; Curex flea duster; CUBE; Derris resins; Derris root; Extrax; ENT 133; Fish-Tox; Green Cross Warble Powder; Haiari; Mexide; NCI-C55210; Powder and root; Pro-nox fish; Ro-Ko; Rotefive; Rotefour; Rotessenol; Chem fish; Prentox; Rotenona; Tubotoxin; Derris dust; Foliafume; FS derris; Green cross warble; Hydrogenated rotenone