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CAS # 98-86-2

Compound Structure and Properties

Molecular Weight120.1485
Melting Point19–20 °C
Boiling Point202 °C
Density1.028 g/cm³
Solubility in Water5.5 g/L at 25 °C
12.2 g/L at 80 °C
Data above sourced from: ChemSpider and Wikipedia

GC Mass Spectrum

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Acetophenone; Ethanone, 1-phenyl-; Acetophenon; Benzoyl methide; Hypnon; Hypnone; Methyl phenyl ketone; Phenyl methyl ketone; 1-Phenylethanone; Acetylbenzene; 1-Phenyl-1-ethanone; Ketone, methyl phenyl-; usaf ek-496; Acetofenon; Benzene, acetyl-; Dymex; Rcra waste number U004; α-Acetophenone; Acetylbenzol; Acetophénone; Acetofenone