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CAS # 103-17-3

Compound Structure and Properties

Molecular Weight269.1895
Data above sourced from: ChemSpider

GC Mass Spectrum

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Chlorbenside; Chloracid; Chlorbensid (German); Chlorbenzide; Chlorocid; Chlorparacide; Chlorsulphacide; CP 20; Mitox; p,p'-Dichlorodiphenyl sulfide; Chloorbenzide; Chlorbensid; Chlorbenxide; Chlorocide; Chloroparacide; Chlorosulfacide; ENT 20,696; HRS 860; Metox; RD 2195; Benzene, 1-chloro-4-[[(4-chlorophenyl)methyl]thio]-; Sulfide, p-chlorobenzyl p-chlorophenyl; p-Chlorobenzyl p-chlorophenyl sulfide; p-Chlorobenzyl p-chlorophenyl sulphide; 4-Chlorobenzyl 4-Chlorophenyl sulfide; (4-Chloor-benzyl)-(4-chloor-fenyl)-sulfide; (4-Chlor-benzyl)-(4-chlor-phenyl)-sulfid; (4-Cloro-benzil)-(4-cloro-fenil)-solfuro; Sulfure de 4-chlorobenzyle et de 4-chlorophenyle; 1-Chloro-4-(((4-chlorophenyl)methyl)thio)benzene; 4-Chlorobenzyl 4-chlorophenyl sulphide; 4-Chlorophenyl 4'-chlorobenzyl sulfide; Chlorobenside; NSC 33078

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