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CAS # 106-93-4

Compound Structure and Properties

Molecular Weight187.8612
Melting Point9-10 °C, 282.5-283.3 °K, 49-50 °F
Boiling Point129-133 °C, 402-406 °K, 264-271 °F
Density2.18 g mL−1
Data above sourced from: ChemSpider and Wikipedia

GC Mass Spectrum

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Ethane, 1,2-dibromo-; α,β-Dibromoethane; sym-Dibromoethane; Aadibroom; Bromofume; Dowfume W-8; Dowfume W85; Ethylene bromide; Ethylene dibromide; EDB; Glycol Dibromide; Iscobrome D; Nefis; Sanhyuum; Soilfume; 1,2-Dibromoethane; CH2BrCH2Br; Dibromoethane; Aethylenbromid; Bromuro di etile; Celmide; DBE; 1,2-Dibromaethan; 1,2-Dibromoetano; Dibromure D'ethylene; 1,2-Dibroomethaan; Dowfume; Dowfume 40; Dowfume edb; Dowfume W-90; Dowfume W-100; Dwubromoetan; EDB-85; E-D-Bee; ENT 15,349; 1,2-Ethylene dibromide; Fumo-gas; Glycol bromide; Kopfume; NCI-C00522; Nephis; Pestmaster; Pestmaster edb-85; Rcra waste number U067; Soilbrom; Soilbrom-40; Soilbrom-85; Soilbrom-90; Soilbrom-100; Soilbrome-85

Application Chromatograms

Expanded List of Volatile Organics by Purge & Trap on Rtx-VMS
TO-15 (HJ759) + PAMS on Rt-Alumina BOND/MAPD (by FID) and Rxi-624Sil MS (by MS) using Deans Switch
NJ Low Level TO-15 75 Component Mix on Rtx-VMS (60 m, 40 °C start)
NJ Low Level TO-15 75 Component Mix on Rtx-VMS (30 m, 2.0 mL/min)
25 µg/L 8260 MegaMix Revised on Rtx-VMS
40 ppb Volatiles in Drinking Water on Rtx-VMS by EPA Method 524.4
TO-15 65 Component Mix on Rxi-1ms (60 m)
TO-15 65 Component Mix on Rxi-5Sil MS (30 m)
TO-15 65 Component Mix on Rtx-VMS (30 m, 1.2 mL/min)
TO-15 65 Component Mix on Rtx-VMS (30 m, 2.0 mL/min)