Tetraethyl pyrophosphate

CAS # 107-49-3

Compound Structure and Properties

Molecular Weight290.1877
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GC Mass Spectrum

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Tetraethyl pyrophosphate; TEPP; Bladan; Ethyl pyrophosphate (Et4P2O7); Nifos; Tetraethyl diphosphate; Tetrastigmine; Tetron; Tetron-100; TEP; Vapotone; Ethyl pyrophosphate, tetra-; ENT 18,771; Fosvex; Grisol; Hepthexamite; Killax; Kilmite 40; Lethalaire g-52; Lirohex; Mortopal; Nifost; EA 1285; Hept; Hexamite; Rcra waste number P111

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