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Vinyl acetate

CAS # 108-05-4

Compound Structure and Properties

Molecular Weight86.0892
Melting Point-93 °C, 180 °K, -135 °F
Boiling Point72.7 °C, 346 °K, 163 °F
Density0.934 g/cm3
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GC Mass Spectrum

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Acetic acid ethenyl ester; Acetic acid vinyl ester; Vinyl acetate; Vinyl A monomer; VyAc; 1-Acetoxyethylene; CH3CO2CH=CH2; Ethenyl acetate; Ethenyl ethanoate; Acetate de vinyle; Ethanoic acid, ethenyl ester; Octan winylu; Vinile(acetato di); Vinyl acetate h.q.; Vinyl ethanoate; Vinylacetaat; Vinylacetat; Vinyle(acetate de); Zeset T; Acetic acid, ethylene ether; VAC; Vinile; Vinyle; Vinylester kyseliny octove; Vinyl ester of acetic acid; Everflex 81L; Plyamul 40305-00; Unocal 76 Res 6206; Unocal 76 Res S-55; Vinnapas A 50; Vinyl acetate monomer; Acétate de vinyle; Vinilacetato