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CAS # 110-54-3

Compound Structure and Properties

Molecular Weight86.1754
Melting Point-96--94 °C, 177-179 °K, -141--137 °F
Boiling Point68-69 °C, 341.6-342.2 °K, 155-156 °F
Density.6548 g mL−1
Solubility in Water9.5 mg L−1
log P3.764
Data above sourced from: ChemSpider and Wikipedia

GC Mass Spectrum

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Hexane; n-Hexane; Skellysolve B; n-C6H14; Esani; Heksan; Hexanen; Hexyl hydride; Gettysolve-B; NCI-C60571; Exxsol hexane; C6; NSC 68472; Esano; Hexaan; Hexan

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n-Hexane Standard, 1.45 mg/mL, DMSO, 1 mL/ampul
TNRCC 1005 Retention Time Markers Mix, 200 ug/mL, Pentane, 1 mL/ampul
E1387 Column Resolution Check Mix, 2000 µg/mL, Methylene Chloride, 1 mL/ampul
WA VPH Standard, 1000 ug/mL, P&T Methanol, 1 mL/ampul
European Pharmacopoeia/ICH Class 2 Mix A, Dimethyl Sulfoxide, 1 mL/ampul
CCME F1 Retention Time Marker, 2000 ug/mL in Methanol, 1 mL/ampul
Retention Time Marker, 1000 ug/mL, P&T Methanol, 1 mL/ampul
Residual Solvents Class 2 - Mix B, DMSO (Lower Concentrations), 1 mL/ampul
Residual Solvents #1, 3000 µg/mL in N,N-Dimethylacetamide, 1 mL/ampul
Extraction Retention Time Standard, 2000 ug/mL, Methylene Chloride, 1 mL/ampul

Application Chromatograms

Separation of Hydrocarbons using Hydrogen Carrier Gas on the Rt-Alumina/MAPD
Separation of Neopentane from Other C4 Hydrocarbons on the Rt-Alumina/MAPD
C1-C10 on Rt-Q-BOND
1-Hexene on Rxi-LAO (40 m x 0.18 mm x 1.0 µm)
Lot-to-Lot Comparison: 1-Hexene on Rxi-LAO
1-Hexene on Rxi-LAO (60 m x 0.25 mm x 1.4 µm)
PAMS on Rt-Alumina BOND/MAPD (by FID) and Rxi-624Sil MS (by MS) using Deans Switch
TO-15 (HJ759) + PAMS on Rt-Alumina BOND/MAPD (by FID) and Rxi-624Sil MS (by MS) using Deans Switch
Impurities in Commercial Cyclohexane on Rtx-DHA-100
Triple-Phase SPME Arrow vs. Triple-Phase SPME Fiber