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CAS # 120-71-8

Compound Structure and Properties

Molecular Weight137.1790
Melting Point51.5 °C, 325 °K, 125 °F
Boiling Point235 °C, 508 °K, 455 °F
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GC Mass Spectrum

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Benzenamine, 2-methoxy-5-methyl-; 3-Amino-4-methoxytoluene; o-Anisidine, 5-methyl-; Cresidine; p-Cresidine; Krezidin; 2-Methoxy-5-methylaniline; 4-Methyl-2-aminoanisole; 5-Methyl-o-anisidine; 2-Amino-p-cresol methyl ether; NCI-C02982; 2-Amino-4-methylanisole; 2-Methoxy-5-methylbenzenamine; 3-Amino-p-cresol methyl ether; 4-Methoxy-m-toluidine; m-Amino-p-cresol, methyl ester; Azoic red 36; C.I. Azoic red 83; p-Kresidin; Krezidine

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