CAS # 121-33-5

Compound Structure and Properties

Molecular Weight152.1473
Melting Point81-83 °C, 354-356 °K, 178-181 °F
Boiling Point285 °C, 558 °K, 545 °F
Density1.056 g cm-3
Solubility in Water10 g dm-3
log P1.208
Data above sourced from: ChemSpider and Wikipedia

GC Mass Spectrum

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Vanillin; p-Hydroxy-m-methoxybenzaldehyde; Lioxin; Vanillaldehyde; Vanillic aldehyde; 2-Methoxy-4-formylphenol; 3-Methoxy-4-hydroxybenzaldehyde; 4-Formyl-2-methoxyphenol; 4-Hydroxy-3-methoxybenzaldehyde; 4-Hydroxy-5-methoxybenzaldehyde; Vanilla; m-Anisaldehyde, 4-hydroxy-; Protocatechualdehyde, methyl-; Zimco; 4-Hydroxy-m-anisaldehyde; p-Vanillin; m-Methoxy-p-hydroxybenzaldehyde; Methylprotcatechuic aldehyde; Methylprotocatechuic aldehyde; Benzaldehyde, 4-hydroxy-3-methoxy-

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