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CAS # 127-18-4

Compound Structure and Properties

Molecular Weight165.8334
Melting Point-19 °C, 254 °K, -2 °F
Boiling Point121.1 °C, 394 °K, 250 °F
Density1.622 g/cm3
Solubility in Water0.015 g/100 mL (20 °C)
Data above sourced from: ChemSpider and Wikipedia

GC Mass Spectrum

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Tetrachloroethylene; Ethene, tetrachloro-; Ethylene, tetrachloro-; Ankilostin; Antisal 1; Didakene; Ethylene tetrachloride; Fedal-Un; Nema; Perchlorethylene; Perchloroethylene; Perclene; PerSec; Tetlen; Tetracap; Tetrachlorethylene; Tetrachloroethene; Tetraguer; Tetraleno; Tetropil; 1,1,2,2-Tetrachloroethylene; C2Cl4; Carbon bichloride; Carbon dichloride; Czterochloroetylen; ENT 1,860; Nema, veterinary; NCI-C04580; Perawin; Perchloorethyleen, per; Perchloraethylen, per; Perchlorethylene, per; Percloroetilene; PERC; Tetrachlooretheen; Tetrachloraethen; Tetracloroetene; Tetralex; Antisol 1; Dow-per; PER; Perchlor; Perclene D; Percosolve; Perk; Perklone; Rcra waste number U210; Tetravec; Tetroguer; Dilatin PT

Application Chromatograms

Expanded List of Volatile Organics by Purge & Trap on Rtx-VMS
TO-15 (HJ759) + PAMS on Rt-Alumina BOND/MAPD (by FID) and Rxi-624Sil MS (by MS) using Deans Switch
NJ Low Level TO-15 75 Component Mix on Rtx-VMS (60 m, 40 °C start)
NJ Low Level TO-15 75 Component Mix on Rtx-VMS (30 m, 2.0 mL/min)
25 µg/L 8260 MegaMix Revised on Rtx-VMS
40 ppb Volatiles in Drinking Water on Rtx-VMS by EPA Method 524.4
TO-15 65 Component Mix on Rxi-1ms (60 m)
TO-15 65 Component Mix on Rxi-5Sil MS (30 m)
TO-15 65 Component Mix on Rtx-VMS (30 m, 1.2 mL/min)
TO-15 65 Component Mix on Rtx-VMS (30 m, 2.0 mL/min)