Oxalic acid

CAS # 144-62-7

Compound Structure and Properties

Molecular Weight90.0349
Melting Point189-191 °C, 462-464 °K, 372-376 °F
Density1.90 g cm-3 (anhydrous)
1.653g cm-3 (dihydrate)
Solubility in Water14.3 g/100ml (25 °C)
Data above sourced from: ChemSpider and Wikipedia

GC Mass Spectrum

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Oxalic acid; Ethanedioic acid; Aktisal; Aquisal; Oxiric acid; HOOCCOOH; Acide oxalique; Acido ossalico; Ethanedionic acid; Kyselina stavelova; NCI-C55209; Oxaalzuur; Oxalsaeure; Ethane-1,2-dioic acid

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