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CAS # 1897-45-6

Compound Structure and Properties

Molecular Weight265.9110
Melting Point250 °C
Boiling Point350 °C (760 mmHg)
Density1.8 g cm−3, solid
Solubility in Water0.06 g/100 ml
log P2.88-3.86
Data above sourced from: ChemSpider and Wikipedia

GC Mass Spectrum

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Chlorothalonil; Tetrachloroisophthalonitrile; Isophthalonitrile, tetrachloro-; m-Tetrachlorophthalodinitrile; Bravo; Bravo 6f; Chlorthalonil; Daconil; Daconil 2787; Dac 2787; Forturf; Nopcocide N 96; Sweep; Termil; Tetrachloro-m-phthalodinitrile; Tetrachloroisophthalodinitrile; Tpn (pesticide); 1,3-Dicyanotetrachlorobenzene; Bravo-W-75; Chloroalonil; Daconil 2787 flowable fungicide; Dacosoil; Exotherm; Exotherm termil; NCI-C00102; Nopcocide; Nopcocide N40D & N96; Tcin; Tetrachlorisoftalonitril; meta-Tetrachlorophthalodinitrile; m-Tetrachlorophthalonitrile; m-Tcpn; TPN; BB chlorothalonil; Bombardier; Bonide; Bravo 500; Chiltern ole; Chlorothanonil; Clortocaffaro; Clortosip; Contact 75; Dacobre; Daconil turf; DaconilDAC-2787; Dragon daconil 2787; Echo 75; Evade; Farber; Ferti-lome

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