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EPN (insecticide)

CAS # 2104-64-5

Compound Structure and Properties

Molecular Weight323.3040
Melting Point36 °C, 309 °K, 97 °F
Density1.3 g/cm3
Solubility in WaterInsoluble
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GC Mass Spectrum

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EPN 300; ENT 17,798; PIN; Santox; OMS 219; EPN; Phosphonothioic acid, phenyl-, O-ethyl O-(4-nitrophenyl) ester; Phosphonothioic acid, phenyl-, O-ethyl O-(p-nitrophenyl) ester; O-Ethyl O-(p-nitrophenyl) benzenethiophosphonate; O-Ethyl O-(p-nitrophenyl) phenylphosphonothioate; O-Ethyl O-(4-nitrophenyl) benzenethionophosphonate; O-Ethyl O-(4-nitrophenyl) phenylphosphonothioate; Benzenephosphonic acid, thiono-, ethyl-(p-nitrophenyl) ester; Ethoxy-(((4-nitrophenoxy)phenyl)phosphine) sulfide; Ethyl (p-nitrophenyl) benzenethionophosphonate; Ethyl (p-nitrophenyl) benzenethiophosphate; Ethyl (p-nitrophenyl) benzenethiophosphonate; Ethyl (p-nitrophenyl) phenylphosphonothioate; Ethyl (p-nitrophenyl) thionobenzenephosphate; Ethyl (p-nitrophenyl) thionobenzenephosphonate; O-Aethyl-O-(4-nitro-phenyl)-phenyl-monothiophosphonat; O-Ethyl phenyl (p-nitrophenyl) thiophosphonate; O-Ethyl O-(p-nitrophenyl) phenylphosphonothiolate; O-Ethyl O-(p-nitrophenyl) phenylphosphorothioate; O-Ethyl-O-((4-nitro-fenyl)-fenyl)-monothiofosfonaat; O-Etil-O-((4-ntiro-fenil)-fenil)-monotiofosfonato; Phenol, p-nitro-, O-ester with O-ethyl phenyl phosphonothioate; Phenylphosphonothioate, O-ethyl-O-p-nitrophenyl-; Phenylthiophosphonate de O-ethyle et O-4-nitrophenyle; O-Ethyl-O-p-nitrofenylester kyseliny fenylthiofosfonove; O-(4-Nitrophenyl) O-ethyl phenyl thiophosphonate; Phenylphosphonothioic acid O-ethyl O-p-nitrophenyl ester; NSC 404840; NSC 8943

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