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CAS # 50-06-6

Compound Structure and Properties

Molecular Weight232.2353
Data above sourced from: ChemSpider

GC Mass Spectrum

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Phenobarbital; Adonal; Agrypnal; Amylofene; Barbenyl; Barbiphenyl; Barbipil; Barbita; Barbivis; Blu-phen; Cratecil; Dormiral; Doscalun; Duneryl; Eskabarb; Etilfen; Euneryl; Fenemal; Gardenal; Gardepanyl; Hysteps; Lepinal; Lepinaletten; Liquital; Lixophen; Lubergal; Luminal; Neurobarb; Noptil; Nunol; Phenaemal; Phenemal; Phenobarbitone; Phenobarbituric acid; Phenoluric; Phenonyl; Phenylethylbarbituric acid; Phenylethylmalonylurea; Phenyral; Phob; Sedonal (sedative); Sevenal; Somonal; Stental Extentabs; Teolaxin; Triphenatol; Versomnal; 5-Ethyl-5-phenylbarbituric acid; 5-Phenyl-5-ethylbarbituric acid; Aephenal