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CAS # 50-23-7

Compound Structure and Properties

Molecular Weight362.4599
Data above sourced from: ChemSpider

GC Mass Spectrum

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Hydrocortisone; Hydroxycortisone; Cortisol; anti-Inflammatory hormone; Cobadex; Cort-Dome; Cortanal; Cortef; Cortenema; Corticreme; Cortifan; Cortiment; Cortispray; Cortonema; Cortril; Dihydrocostisone; Domolene-HC; Efcorbin; Epiderm H; Esiderm H; Ficortril; Genacort; Heb-Cort; Hidro-Colisona; Hycort; Hycortol; Hycortole; Hydrasson; Hydro-Adreson; Hydrocorticosterone; Hydrocortisone alcohol; Hydrocortisyl; Hydrocortone; Hytone lotion; HC; Incortin-H; Kendall's Compound F; NSC 10483; Optef; Otosone-F; Permicort; Polcort H; Reichstein's Substance M; Scheroson F; Signef; Tarcortin; Texacort lotion 25; Topicort; Traumaide; 11β-Hydroxycortisone

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