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CAS # 50-28-2

Compound Structure and Properties

Molecular Weight272.3820
Data above sourced from: ChemSpider

GC Mass Spectrum

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Estradiol; β-Estradiol; Altrad; Aquadiol; Bardiol; Corpagen; D-3,17β-Estradiol; Dihydrofollicular hormone; Dihydrofolliculin; Dihydromenformon; Dihydrotheelin; Dihydroxyestrin; Dimenformon; Diogyn; Diogynets; Estraldine; Estrovite; Femestral; Femogen; Follicyclin; Ginosedol; Gynergon; Gynoestryl; Lamdiol; Macrodiol; Nordicol; Oestergon; Oestradiol; Oestroglandol; Ovahormon; Ovasterol; Ovastevol; Ovocyclin; Perlatanol; Primofol; Profoliol; Progynon; Progynon-DH; Syndiol; Theelin, dihydro-; 17β-Estradiol; 17β-Oestradiol; 3,17β-Estradiol; 3,17-Epidihydroxyestratriene; α-Estradiol; α-Oestradiol; β-Oestradiol; cis-Estradiol; cis-Oestradiol; Amnestrogen