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CAS # 51-41-2

Compound Structure and Properties

Molecular Weight169.1778
Melting PointL: 216.5–218 °C (''decomp.'')
D/L: 191 °C (''decomp.'')
Boiling Point442.6±40.0 °C (760 Torr)
Density1.397±0.06 g/cm^3 (20 °C and 760 Torr)
Data above sourced from: ChemSpider and Wikipedia

GC Mass Spectrum

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(-)-Noradrenaline; (-)-Norepinephrine; L-(-)-norepinephrine; L-arterenol; L-noradrenaline; Adrenor; Aktamin; Arterenol; D-(-)-Norepinephrine; Levarterenol; Levoarterenol; Levonoradrenaline; Levonorepinephrine; Levophed; Nor-Epirenan; Noradrenalin; Noradrenaline; Norartrinal; Norepinephrine; Norepirenamine; Sympathin E; (-)-Noradrec; Noradrenalina; D-(-)-Noradrenaline; Noradrenline; Sympathin E ter; dl-Arterenol

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