CAS # 52-68-6

Compound Structure and Properties

Molecular Weight257.4367
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GC Mass Spectrum

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Metrifonate; Agroforotox; Anthon; Bayer L 13/59; Chlorofos; Chloroftalm; Chlorophos; Chlorophthalm; Chloroxyphos; Combot; Dipterax; Dipterex; Dipterex 50; Diptevur; Ditrifon; Dylox; Dyrex; Dyvon; DEP; DEP (Pesticide); DETF; ENT 19,763; Flibol E; Fliegenteller; Forotox; Foschlor; Foschlor R; Foschlor R-50; Hypodermacid; Loisol; Masoten; Mazoten; Methyl Chlorophos; Metifonate; Metriphonate; Neguron; Neguvon; Phoschlor; Phoschlor R.50; Polfoschlor; Ricifon; Ritsifon; Soldep; Sotipox; Trichlorphon; Trichlorphon FN; Tugon; Volfartol; Votexit; Wotexit

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