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Diethyl ether

CAS # 60-29-7

Compound Structure and Properties

Molecular Weight74.1216
Melting Point−116.3 °C, 156.9 K, −177.3 °F
Boiling Point34.6 °C, 307.8 K, 94.3 °F
Density0.7134 g/cm3, liquid
Solubility in Water69 g/L (20 °C)
Data above sourced from: ChemSpider and Wikipedia

GC Mass Spectrum

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Ethyl ether; Ethane, 1,1'-oxybis-; Anaesthetic ether; Anesthesia ether; Anesthetic ether; Diethyl ether; Diethyl oxide; Ethoxyethane; Pronarcol; Solvent ether; 1,1'-Oxybisethane; (C2H5)2O; Aether; Diaethylaether; Dwuetylowy eter; Etere etilico; Ether ethylique; Ether, ethyl; Ethyl ether, tech.; Ethyl oxide; Oxyde d'ethyle; Rcra waste number U117; 3-Oxapentane; Ether; Ethyl ether anhydrous A.C.S.; Ethyl ether USP/ACS; Sulfuric ether; Sulfuric ether, anesthetic ether; 1-Ethoxyethane; UN 1155; NSC 100036; Diéthyl éther ; Dietiletere