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Mefenamic acid

CAS # 61-68-7

Compound Structure and Properties

Molecular Weight241.2851
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GC Mass Spectrum

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Mefenamic Acid; Anthranilic acid, N-2,3-xylyl-; AGN-1255; Bafameritin-M; Bonabol; Coslan; CI 473; CL 473; CN-35355; HL 1; INF 3355; Lysalgo; Mefacit; Mephenamic acid; Mephenaminic acid; Methenamic acid; N-(2,3-Xylyl)anthranilic acid; Parkemed; Ponalar; Ponstan; Ponstel; Ponstil; Ponstyl; Pontal; Tamany Bonsan; Tanston; Vialidon; Acide mefenamique; Bafhameritin-M; Mefenaminsaeure; Namphen; Ponstan forte; in-M; Mefanamic acid; Mefenacid

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