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CAS # 62-73-7

Compound Structure and Properties

Molecular Weight220.9757
Data above sourced from: ChemSpider

GC Mass Spectrum

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Dichlorvos; Dichlorphos; Atgard; Atgard V; Bibesol; Brevinyl; Brevinyl E-50; Canogard; Chlorvinphos; Dedevap; Dichlorman; Dichlorophos; Dimethyl dichlorovinyl phosphate; DDVP; Equigard; Equigel; Estrosel; ENT-20738; Fecama; Fekama; Mopari; Nerkol; Nogos; Nogos G; Nogos 50; Nuvan; Nuvan 100 EC; OMS 14; Szklarniak; SD 1750; Task; TAP 9VP; Unifos; Vapona; Vapona Insecticide; Vaponite; Vinylophos; Algard; Atgard C; BAY-19149; Cekusan; Cyanophos; Dichloorvo; Dichlorfos; Dichlorovas; Dichlorovos; Divipan; DDVF; DDVP (insecticide); Herkal

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