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CAS # 63-25-2

Compound Structure and Properties

Molecular Weight201.2212
Melting Point142 °C, 415 °K, 288 °F
Boiling Pointdecomposes before boiling
Density1.2 g/cm3
Solubility in Watervery low
Data above sourced from: ChemSpider and Wikipedia

GC Mass Spectrum

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Carbaril; 1-Naphthalenol, methylcarbamate; α-Naphthalenyl methylcarbamate; α-Naphthyl methylcarbamate; α-Naphthyl N-methylcarbamate; Arilat; Arilate; Arylam; Atoxan; Bercema NMC50; Caprolin; Carbatox; Carbatox 75; Carbatox-60; Carbavur; Carpolin; Compound 7744; Denapon; Dicarbam; Dyna-carbyl; Experimental Insecticide 7744; ENT-23969; Gamonil; Germain's; Karbatox; Karbatox 75; Karbosep; Menaphtam; Monsur; Murvin; N-Methyl-α-Naphthylcarbamate; N-Methyl-α-naphthylurethan; N-Methyl-1-naphthyl carbamate; NAC; NMC 50; Panam; Pomex; Seffein; Sevimol; Sevin; Sevin 4; Sewin; Union Carbide 7,744; Vioxan; 1-Naphthol N-methylcarbamate; 1-Naphthyl methylcarbamate; 1-Naphthyl N-methylcarbamate; α-Naftyl-N-methylkarbamat; Crag sevin; Dicarbament 23,969

Application Chromatograms

Pesticides on Raptor Inert ARC-18
Pesticides on Raptor ARC-18
New York Pesticides on Raptor ARC-18 by LC-MS/MS
New York Pesticides on Rxi-5ms
Arizona Pesticides on Rxi-5ms
Oregon Pesticides on Raptor ARC-18 by LC-MS/MS
Arizona Pesticides on Raptor ARC-18 by LC-MS/MS
Arizona Pesticides on Rxi-5ms
Oregon Pesticides on Rxi-5ms
California Cannabis Pesticides and Mycotoxins in Dried Hemp on Raptor ARC-18